What is a Teaching Wall?

What is a teaching wall? Good question. A teaching wall, sometimes called a learning wall or media wall, is a specialist form of classroom storage for schools. It integrates a front of class storage provision with sliding whiteboard doors and your standard classroom technology, be that a touchscreen TV or interactive whiteboard and projector.

What does a Teaching Wall do?

1. Teaching walls make classrooms more space-efficient. Instead of small bits of storage distributed around the room, this puts everything into one, front of class unit, doubling up storage access space and teaching space, and freeing up the other 3 walls. This is illustrated below.

Teaching Wall Benefits
Teaching walls condense all storage into one unit, creating more space.
Teaching Wall Benefits
Teaching walls free up wall space around the classroom.

2. Teaching walls make classrooms distraction-free. Because everything goes behind closed doors, there are no bits and pieces around the room for the children to look at. This is illustrated below.

3. A teaching wall allows the teacher to teach from a central position, whether they are using the technology or the sliding whiteboard doors. This is illustrated below.

When technology is not central, some pupils can struggle to see it clearly.
With the screen mounted centrally within the teaching wall, every student has a clear view.

4. It makes any classroom look super smart – in one day! Self-explanatory.

Teaching Wall Example 5

What else do I need to know?

1. Teaching walls can easily be made to go round corners.

Teaching Wall Example 4

2. Teaching walls can be used to create a cosy reading zone or collaboration corner.

Teaching Wall Example 3

3. Teaching walls can add a splash of school branding.

Teaching Wall Example 2

4. If installed by skilled fitters, dodging round pitched roofs, pillars or radiators isn’t a problem.

Teaching Wall Example 1

If you’re considering a teaching wall for your school, please take a look at our flagship teaching wall product: Learnstor.