Learnstor® Teaching Walls

Our flagship education product is the Learnstor® teaching wall. Learnstor® can be easily configured and installed in any classroom. Whether it’s a spacious, brand new building or an older listed building (with no straight walls!) – Learnstor will transform any classroom into an ordered, serene learning space, ideal for keeping young minds focused on the task at hand.

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Learnstor® - The Ultimate Storage System for Classrooms

TaskSpace has an unparalleled track record in the education sector for designing flexible, inspiring classrooms that are a genuine pleasure to learn and teach in. Having worked with schools all over the UK for many years, our team can guide you on how to make the most of your space, and create a calm, ordered working environment – perfect for inquisitive minds.

Learnstor® Teaching Wall FAQ's

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No. The Learnstor® system takes your existing interactive whiteboard or touchscreen – whatever the size or specification.

Yes. The Learnstor® system accommodates every type and size of screen or interactive whiteboard.

Instead of having an interactive whiteboard or a touchscreen, the central panel is plain whiteboard material to project directly onto.

Learnstor® is highly adaptable and will cater for pillars, pipes, radiators, sinks and even windows and doors. Take a look at the image gallery which shows how the system can stop short in height or width. As all of the panels in the system are removable it means any services behind the system are still accessible.

Learnstor® uses the height in a room; meaning that the contents from cupboards or storage units that currently sit on the floor are put away higher up, in an area which was previously unused. Learnstor also frees up the key useable area in the room by using the space around the interactive board.

The topbox sections are optional. These are generally used for archive storage or things you do not need to access often, however they are optional and the system can be stopped short, excluding these.

Yes. This can be at any height you wish, the lower cupboards below the screen are optional so the screen can be height adjustable or fitted as low as required.

Because of the huge variety in requirements for each installation, from width and height to internal options and board height we send a price for complete installation for each particular classroom(s). Either send us a photograph with dimensions of the area or just give us a call/drop us a line requesting that we visit and briefly survey the area, completely free of charge and no obligation. A typical Learnstor® configuration can vary between £3500 and £7000 + VAT, inclusive of all internals and installation.

There is a huge range of internal options, and you can select whichever combination goes in each system. See the next FAQ to view the full range available.

Pull out resource trays, suspension filing, pigeon holes, coat pegs, coat rail, sink, bag storage, laptop storage, stationery drawers, CD racks, locking personal storage.

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