School Library Design

School library design is one of the things TaskSpace is best known for. Contemporary, robust and practical, our school library design experience can help you create a multi-purpose central learning centre with integrated study areas, teaching space and collaboration corners. Speak to our school library design specialists today.

School Library Design

A well-designed library acts as a central hub for the school, crucial for effective learning. That’s why we’ve developed a tried-and-tested school library design process — honed over time through feedback, real-world results and consultations with teachers, students and education leaders.

School Library Design for the 21st Century

The school libraries of today must be able to cater for a wide range of learning styles. The libraries we design are flexible, multi-purpose learning environments that often include several well-defined zones.

From traditional teaching areas to breakout sections and collaboration spaces, the various components of an effective school library must work in harmony together. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in this area ensures that the schools we work with get a school library that is contemporary, flexible and beautifully designed, with attention to detail that will wow teachers, students and parents alike.

Our Innovative Approach to School Library Design

There was a time when a school library was simply a series of bookshelves and a few randomly placed tables. But the way children learn has changed over the years, and modern school libraries must cater to a range of learning styles and educational needs.

Every project must begin with a fresh perspective. The process begins with an in-depth consultation, which involves speaking to your team about what, exactly, is required from your space; we’ll also challenge your requirements and come to you with lots of new ideas and suggestions. Together, we’ll create a school library design that’s as functional as it is stylish.

The Key Elements of Exceptional School Library Design

Here are some things to consider when it comes to successful school library design.

Layout — Before we begin, we analyse how your space will be used in minute detail. We can then strike the perfect balance between formal teaching areas, study spaces and collaboration zones, whilst ensuring the flow through the space and access routes are clearly thought through.

Seating — Getting the right balance between personal learning spaces and group activity areas is crucial. A range of flexible furniture, contemporary tables and adaptable seating configurations should be considered.

Lighting — Lighting in a school library must be appropriate for each ‘zone’ within the space. Brighter lighting in areas for deep concentration and personal study are combined with softer lighting in social and breakout areas.

Ambience — Getting the ambience of your school library design right is key. We ensure that students and teachers are comfortable in their surroundings by taking the time to assess the space and its various uses before we suggest colour schemes, materials, textiles and other decorative choices.

Storage – Providing the necessary amount of book storage without making the space too oppressive is a fundamental design consideration.

Get a 3D School Library Design

Let our design team show you what is possible for your school library. We are passionate about helping schools and colleges to create multifunctional libraries that inspire young people to reach their full potential.

Get in touch today to talk to us about your school library design. We’ll discuss your design priorities and assess the space.

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