School Dining Room Design

A dining hall is so much more than a place to eat – it forms an integral part of the day-to-day life of the school, and as one of the most used areas in your school, clients typically like to invest wisely in a good quality space.

School Dining Room Design

Some key considerations for all dining spaces are as follows:


All aspects of the space – furniture, equipment, fittings etc. – will undergo heavy usage daily. It is important that the finished product will be fit for purpose and a give a worthwhile return on investment.


When considering a refurbishment of a dining facility, there are numerous questions to ask:

• How many students will use the area at peak time?
• What range of ages will be using the space? How does this affect the design?
• Will the facility be used for other purposes? Should the design be flexible?


Every school’s dining space looks similar. With carefully calculated investment, it can become a genuine differentiator for your school.


Regardless of the capacity or the scale of the area, every design needs to have effective space planning to utilise the existing area and efficiently move large numbers of students to and from their eating areas. Access is key for a seamless movement and relieving congested walkways and social spaces.

Compatibility with Food Services

Whether new or existing, catering provisions must integrate with the space effectively, both to make the space ‘work’ and to make the maximum visual appeal.