The Smartest Office In the World

At TaskSpace we understand that an office is way more than just a place to get work done. A workspace that truly delights and motivates the team within, can have a hugely positive effect on the productivity and profitability of a business. In this special report, we take an in-depth look at the Edge, a supersmart eco-friendly building based in the heart of Amsterdam which houses the employees of consulting firm Deloitte…

So what makes the Edge so smart? For starters, every person who works at the Edge has an app on their smartphone that connects them directly to the building. Through the app, employees can check their daily schedule and locate an available desk to work from that day. Depending on any given employee’s particular schedule that day, the building will decide whether a meeting room, a sitting desk, or a standing desk is most suitable and allocate one accordingly.

The Edge is smart on the outside too. As employees drive up to work, the building recognises each car individually and directs every one towards a free parking spot. Which definitely makes for a more efficient morning!

According to BREEAM, the British rating agency for sustainability scoring, the Edge has been awarded the highest ever score of 98.4%. This makes it the greenest commercial building on the planet. Solar panels made especially for the Edge help generate all the power needed to keep the building running at it’s optimum.

The fifteen-story atrium at the heart of the Edge allows for excellent ventilation and plenty of open space. It’s designed to make employees and visitors feel like they’re outdoors, with lots of natural light flooding in from the impressively designed slanted roof. Natural light is something so many office workers don’t get enough of, but the Edge has taken care of that by ensuring that every single workspace is within 23 feet of a window.

There are game rooms and espresso machines for the employees to enjoy. Multiple large flat screen televisions throughout the space can easily be synced up to phones or laptops for impromptu presentations and collaboration sessions.

Though there are 2500 employees working at Deloitte, there are only 1000 desks available at any one time to encourage remote working. The hot-desking policy not only promotes an efficient use of space but also fosters a community spirit with team members regularly interacting with others outside of their core team.

Furthermore, the Edge constantly tracks and gathers information about it’s own energy usage and occupancy levels to see how the building can be made even more efficient.

The Edge Smart Office at a Glance

The App

The Edge app allows the building’s inhabitants to check and manage their schedules, locate their colleagues and control their personalised temperature settings. The wireless charging systems on each desk mean that employees never have to worry about not being able to access the app.

Easy Parking

At the Edge, employees enjoy the benefits of the automated garage entry, which raises the gate by recognising the car license plate number. There is a separate garage for bikes and free charging for electric cars.