Redevelopment of 6th Form Common Area

Watch above to see a time-lapse of the works being completed!

With other state-funded schools and colleges in the area having a strong visual appeal, Perse were keen to ensure that the interior design of the space was industry leading and would continue to attract and retain new pupils for 6th form.

TaskSpace sought to address the project brief at root, putting forward two strategies to support the school’s wider purpose:

  • Allowing the 5th form pupils to contribute to the design process with onsite workshops, so that they were fully onboarded with how the new space was intended to be used in future years
  • Use of design resources such as mood boards, video walkthroughs and visuals at school marketing events and open evenings

With this concept in mind, the project team worked with the school to create a comprehensive 3D design package, detailing the exact look and feel that would be achieved with the proposed investment in the building.

These strategies ensured that Perse could get the maximum return on their investment in the building, using the development to attract prospective pupils and parents.

In addition to these activities, it was very important that all stakeholders were clear about the investment needed to upgrade the building, so budget understanding meetings were held at a very early stage, to ensure the project brief was realistic and workable for the school.

Once the complete design plan and the scope of work had been agreed, TaskSpace were honoured to complete the full package of the works including interior design, turnkey refurbishment and furniture, and The Perse are delighted with the end result of the project.

At TaskSpace we design, fit out and refurbish classrooms, libraries, dining halls, staff rooms, sixth form centres, dormitories and more. If you have any spaces in your school that need an overhaul, please contact us to get a free photo-realistic design.

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