The John Lyon School

The John Lyon School approached TaskSpace to assist with the design & delivery of a new STEAM and MakerSpace. The school didn’t have a modern STEAM learning environment prior to the project and were looking to deliver a space which promoted creativity and the feeling of creating things.

The primary challenge of the design exercise was the versatility which was demanded of the space – there was a significant variety of learning techniques in operation and as such the physical environment needed to be able to cater for many different activities. In addition, the stakeholders at the school were concerned that the room should look state of the art to uphold the school’s brand.

Instead of the simple tables and chairs which were considered originally, TaskSpace proposed a stunning new zonal learning space with various sub-spaces for different types of learning. This included a new green screen and collaboration corner, adding a new creative aura to the room, and various other elements of display and storage for machinery.

The flexibility offered by the whole space is a fundamental characteristic – there are a number of different working heights, and instead of a fixed teacher desk there is a mobile standing workstation. Every furniture item is designed to be used in different ways whatever the lesson being taught and the method.

The end result is exactly as the school intended – a superbly versatile space which looks dazzling and upholds the school’s status as one of the top schools in the country.