Stowe School

Stowe School is an independent boarding school, based in the stunning Stowe House in Buckinghamshire. The remarkable 1000-acre estate has a vast number of buildings, but TaskSpace were asked to support the school with the design and fitout of a social centre for the 6th form students.

The school had embarked on the project with two main purposes in mind; firstly to increase interaction between pupils belonging to different boarding houses, and secondly to provide an environment for 6th formers that was purely for social use, with no designated study space in the design. The building in question had served several purposes in the past, including being squash courts, an art studio and a nightclub.

After a detailed discussion around the design brief, the TaskSpace design team introduced the school to the concept of the ‘third space’, an environment which sits between home (the boarding house) and work (the classroom), which encapsulated what the school were striving after.

With this concept in mind, the project team worked with the school to create a compreh