Sixth Form Furniture

Sixth form furniture has never looked so good! Sixth forms are the bridge between school and working life. At TaskSpace we understand exactly how to design and furnish a sixth form so it’s contemporary, bright and welcoming. It’s a fact of school life that sixth formers set the tone. Spread the right culture throughout the school by creating multi-functional, zoned environments that encourage, focus, promote, inspire and empower your most senior students. At TaskSpace we can design and install your entire sixth form, or just provide the sixth form furniture to bring your space to life.

Sixth Form Furniture that Transforms Your Space

Sixth form furniture, or should we say, the right sixth form furniture, can make all the difference. We appreciate the importance of careful space-planning to create the right blend of quiet self-study areas and informal social hubs.  Our huge range of sixth form furniture gives massive scope in designing a space that works for you. Speak to one of our advisors to discuss our range of innovative sixth form furniture and create a modern and inspiring environment for tomorrow’s professionals.


Are you looking to transform your school interior into an engaging space that inspires and delights? Even if you’re just at the ideas stage, our team would be delighted to talk to you.