Open plan offices

Work space in an office should assist staff in being focused; enabling independent, uninterrupted working as well as teamwork and collaboration.  Including a working lounge within an open plan office provides an area where creativity can be encouraged.  Careful attention needs to be given to key factors such as suitable storage, power and data provision at an early stage in any design.

With technology and workplace practices changing rapidly, it is important to have a flexible working environment which adapts with the times.  Many of our clients have benefitted from our TaskBench™ desking which features a telescopic beam system – highly adaptable and very quickly and simply repositioned.  Especially useful when expanding, taking on more staff, moving premises or even downsizing.

Office storage

A critical aspect in the design of any office space is the accommodation of suitable and accessible storage.  Many styles of storage can be used to define and enhance the interior and successfully accommodate all storage needs to ensure a clean and uncluttered environment.

However, we believe that storage should do more than just meet all of your storage requirements.  It is used very successfully to define zones; between a quiet area and a collaboration space, using storagewall with strong accoustic properties, displaying your brand and corporate image with colours and high definition printed graphics, and significantly improve efficiency with fresh internal and filing options.

Colours and graphics

Effective colours are key.  You can have an up-to-the minute interior design and contemporary, quality furniture – but without the use of colours it is never inspiring.  Any aspect of your environment can be used to bring in the splash of colour, from flooring to furniture to feature storage.  Browse these images to view a few ideas – they speak for themselves.  Then give us a call to discuss what we could do to revitalise your working environment.

Collaborative Zones

The buzz-word in business interiors.  With the new workplace method being agile working; central storage with open plan and hot desking, collaborative zones are becoming increasingly popular.  These are informal, creative areas which encourage teamwork; promote group discussions and brainstorming, without distracting from the day’s whirlwind and disrupting other staff from focussing independently.  Collaborative zones provide an area away from the desk environment; a break, a change of scenery and refresher for the mind with a bit of groupwork.

However large or small your office space these can be created very easily and effectively for any size workforce.  Give us a call for some ideas and free space-planning to demonstrate how this could work for you.

Accoustic Seating

As having inherent noise-cancelling properties, accoustic seating hubs provide a quiet zone in a busy office environment; an area for important phone conversations, informal focus meetings or simply a five minute breakout space.  They are used effectively to zone areas, as screening from walkways and when upholstered in contemporary fabrics and colours they provide a colourful and modern focal point in the office.  A very efficient way of upgrading your office environment effectively and easily.