Over the current years, it has become gradually apparent that the office is no longer just a place to

work, but a driver of competitive advantage. Design impacts on every feature of the changing workplace and the objectives that organisations set for themselves and employees.

Make the most of your space

A multipurpose workspace can be created to suit any requirement, from multimedia presentations to casual escape areas. Employees tend to leave their spirited nature at home and take a more professional image of themselves to work, but creativity is actually at peak performance when people can enjoy a level of comfort with peers. The right atmosphere can break barriers of insecurity and ultimately help form ideas and enhance productivity.

Companies with smaller square footage to work with can still accomplish the same goal through the use of multipurpose spaces. Aim to design a friendly workspace that not only offers an effective working environment but one in which colleagues can feel comfortable with one another. This positive ambience will result in increasingly confident discussions, and open, creative, enhanced teamwork in the workplace.

Design is leaning towards a back-to-basics approach; extravagance has become unnecessary.  A big trend in 2016 will be bringing the home into the office. Natural flora patterns in artwork and fabrics are becoming more noticeable. The cosy and ‘home-from-home’ feel that a lot of these specifics create will continue to make this trend popular throughout the year and particularly efficient when used in a multipurpose office.

The Zonal Experience

Creating different aspects of space within one office can effectively cater to the needs of specific groups of people, who work at different times or in different ways depending on the function of their job, age, personality and working relationships.

Sharing an office can be eye-opening for employees in many respects, but the main goal of the design is to increase collaboration between colleagues, inspiring them to become more creative in their work.

As a result, many companies are renovating and revising their offices to create more open spaces. The more spacious the office is; the more spacious an employee’s mind will be.

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