North West London Jewish Day School

The North West London Jewish Day School approached TaskSpace with the aim of creating an advanced and innovative multipurpose hub for the creative and practical elements of learning.

Having been gifted funds from a generous parent donor, the school’s senior management and staff were consulted to explore the design brief and how the room would be used.

The finished design included –

  • Bespoke workbench with integrated tool storage and work surface
  • Redeveloped food technology zone including ovens and other practical facilities
  • Redesigned storage configuration to make the room more space efficient with Learnstor teaching wall
  • Natural cork style display board
  • Graphics and wall art depicting a world map

All these features were provided to supplement the STEM offering, and the work was completed during the summer of 2022.

Throughout the process, in order to maximise the impact of the project, the school were provided with design plans, visuals and finished photography to promote and showcase the space.