Manor Lodge School

Manor Lodge is a junior school in Shenley, Hertfordshire. The team at Manor Lodge asked TaskSpace to help with the design and fit-out of a new infill extension project containing a Learning Resource Centre, Reception area and three classrooms at the school.

These classrooms included facilities for D&T, Technology and Art and required Learnstor teaching walls to maximise the storage and capabilities of the classrooms.

The school had 5 specific challenges to consider:

1. How to ensure the new building tied in with older existing facilities.

2. How to design the new spaces so they were fit for modern 21st century learning.

3. How to ensure all learning spaces had adequate storage without using unnecessary space.

4. How to achieve a colour scheme suitable for a range of pupils.

5. How to minimise clutter and provide a distraction-free learning environment.

TaskSpace helped the school tackle each of these objectives one by one to achieve a superb end result. Learnstor teaching walls were specified for the project along with the unique Learnstor ZOG Pod, which is a height-adjustable, acoustic work pod designed specifically for students, with integrated lighting and power.