Klassu Innovation Rooms combine interior design, technology, and immersive teaching and learning techniques to deliver an interactive learning experience like no other. The professional world has never moved so fast, and Klassu gives schools the opportunity to stay ahead of the pace – preparing tomorrow’s problem solvers with the skills they need to thrive.

A Classroom. But Not a Classroom.

Teaching has changed. Technology has changed. Attitudes and mindsets have changed. And yet most classrooms are still set up for Victorian teaching methods – children sat in straight lines, listening to learn. It’s time classrooms evolved too. Klassu Innovation Rooms provide a futuristic learning environment that encourages students to collaborate, solve problems, test ideas and build confidence using tomorrow’s technology.

Klassu Innovation Rooms come with a huge range of furniture and technology options. After an initial consultation, our Klassu Innovation Room team will specify the furniture and technology that will best enhance your space and deliver maximum value to your students and teaching staff. Below are just a few of contemporary furniture options available.