Hazelwood School

Hazelwood School is an independent coeducational school set amongst 25 acres of glorious woodlands on the Surrey and Kent border. When the school approached TaskSpace with the radical idea of transforming two outdated art rooms into a cutting-edge innovations suite called the B.O.X, our team was delighted.  Not only did this project give us the chance to design an inspiring, contemporary space, but also fill it with the very latest educational technology. As design briefs come, this one was a dream.

The Innovations Suite at Hazelwood was being paid for through very generous donations. As such, the pressure was on to create a space that would not only make the most of such a kind, financial gesture but also make a real difference to the education of the children that attend the school.

The decision was made to knock both of the old rooms through, to make one, much larger space. In order to create specific learning areas within such a large room, without cluttering the space, the TaskSpace design team used bespoke mood lighting to define the different learning zones. The result is a room with a kaleidoscopic energy that engages students from the second they enter the room.

The TaskSpace design team also guided the school on the interactive and technological innovations to be included within the B.O.X. innovations suite. The final design includes a number of cutting-edge, educational technologies and disciplines, including virtual reality, a Lego construction wall, several interacti