Classroom design can be a key factor for a student’s learning and development. Studies have shown that classroom design could be credited to 25% impact (positive or negative) on a student’s progress throughout the academic year.

Children spend a large proportion of their time in a classroom, and sometimes a classroom design is such that it suffocates creativity, or does not promote a positive environment.

With intelligent space-planning, use of colour and flexible furniture and storage systems, classrooms can be revitalised simply and at low cost.

We understand the increasing demands of today’s school interiors. Through sensible and affordable solutions, we have FIVE ways to create positive learning and working environments, through classroom design:

  1. Setting Your School Apart:

    Impress and attract future students and parents with inspirational classrooms, that sets your school apart from the rest. Freshen and unclutter with Learnstor Teaching Wall, a quick and simple classroom transformation:

  2. Inspiring and Creating Fun:

    Colourful walls, comfortable furniture and spacious bright rooms will not only help children stay focused in school; but promote learning and teaching: create a ‘want to learn’ environment.  Data from ongoing Steelcase Education studies, shows that classrooms designed for ‘active learning’ have a significant effect on student engagement.

  3. Building to Last:

    We understand the increasing demands of today’s school interiors, particularly with the ever-changing development in I.T. Ensure your recently refurbished classrooms do not become outdated before their time. All of our classroom designs cater not only for current demands, but for future changes be it expansion or reduction in class sizes and teaching methods. Learnstor Teaching Wall is a particularly adaptable product which is easily amended to suit any screen, projector or interactive board:

  4. Sharing your vision:

    Classroom designs are a great opportunity to display your vision and mission with both staff and students. Be it to demonstrate ‘active learning’, a forward-thinking and contemporary school, an emphasis on heritage and values, achievement and success or even creativity and individuality. With your knowledge of the school and its ethos combined with our industry expertise, we can create a classroom design that tells your message.

  5. Creating a WOW! Factor with Minimal Budget:

    We know an inspirational environment can improve productivity, and improve school morale, so want to help schools on a very limited budget to achieve this. There is a huge range of products and options out there, but each school is very individual. Simply contact us to discuss you requirements, send us a picture of the area and let us do the rest.  Space-planning, design and ideas are all completely free of charge: 01582 867323,  We would love to hear from you.

Classrooms are starting to mimic the form and function of the office. As with offices, layout should fit the task at hand. Some ‘collaborative’ classrooms will function better with desks in groups, others will require to be organised in more formal ‘lecture’ style rows.

At Taskspace Interiors, our passion and profession is in thinking outside the box to design and create interiors; getting the most out of space and budget constraints. Our design team would be delighted to discuss your requirements (however big or small), new ideas, and find solutions to ensure you get the most from your project. For more information, call us on: 01582 867 323 or email us at: