Dining Hall Refurbishment

English Martyrs’ Catholic School welcomes all children from all backgrounds. As such, the school places real value on delivering a proper ‘dining experience’ for every child as a crucial part of the support and care they offer to every pupil. TaskSpace was given a brief to ‘make mealtimes special’ for the children and staff at the school. We couldn’t wait to get started.

We set out to create a genuine feel-good factor with this project, by designing a dining space with different themes that recreated the warmth of a café experience. We studied the various psychological effects of colour on children and specifically selected a colour palette that is proven to increase appetite in little ones! We also integrated school bag storage and high-impact, inspiring graphics.

The main challenge with the project was to create a light and airy feel within a room that had such low ceilings.  We employed some clever techniques to achieve the illusion of height and light. The result was a welcoming, inviting dining space that delighted the children, teachers and parents.

The full refurbishment project was delivered on time and on budget (approx £69,000) and has been very well received:

“We are in and staff love the room. Thanks again for the great work.”