Do Schools Even Need IT Suites Anymore?

Do Schools Even Need IT Suites Anymore?

Often we are asked by our clients to refurbish or upgrade IT suites.

We usually respond with the same question: ‘Why have you got one?’

Answers vary, but broadly come under one of the following:

  • Because we’ve always had one.
  • To teach IT, computing and typing skills.
  • Inspectors look for it to ensure we are fulfilling all of the curriculum.

See where this is leading?

Well, here’s why we don’t believe in any of those reasons and what we advise:

  • The entire curriculum can be achieved using some form of portable technology
  • IT rooms are expensive to fit out because they contain lots of furniture and IT infrastructure.
  • By the time the children you are educating leave school, they definitely won’t be using desktop computers.
  • IT suites are normally very hot, probably contain an additional server area, and require air conditioning, which needs to be installed and serviced.
  • The room has to be kept under lock and key – security is a big concern.
  • IT suites are not modern. They’re old hat.

The technology of the present, and certainly the future, is portable.

Screens that fold in half and go in your pocket are already here.

So why use the technology of the past to teach the professionals of tomorrow?

It’s time to say goodbye to the school IT suite.


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