What are the Different Types of Teaching Wall?

There are three main types of what we think of as teaching wall – cupboard-based systems, carcass-based systems and bespoke joinery. These descriptions relate to the construction and layout of the system.

Cupboard-based systems have the following characteristics:

• Low cost
• Single skin panels
• Built out of individual standalone units
• Fixed unit sizes
• Limited customisation options
• Units require fixing to each other, and to the building
• Short lifespan

Carcass-based systems have the following characteristics:

• Mid-range cost
• Have a non-visible carcass as well as exterior panels for extra double-skin rigidity
• Self-supporting continuous structure
• Based on adjustable modules, straightforward to customise
• Every component replaceable without damaging the structure
• Long lifespan

Bespoke joinery systems have the following characteristics:

• High cost
• Bespoke arrangement – have any complex features you want
• Not based on standard construction, so no guarantees available
• Designed from scratch
• Lifespan dependent on construction and quality of fitting!

Learnstor is the mid-range, carcass-based system, in our experience the best combination of all of the factors listed above.


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