The Cyberbullying Problem in English Schools

Schools in England Get a Red Mark for Cyberbullying

For many young people, social media is now ingrained into their daily routine. It’s the way they communicate with peers, a way to express themselves, but it’s also become a virtual playground where cyberbullying is very much a reality.

So much so that a recent study which interviewed 2,376 teachers of children aged 11-14 and 157 head teachers, has named and shamed England as the worst in the world for cyberbullying. The global education report by the Teaching and Learning International Survey revealed that 13.9% of headteachers reported that students had been subject to malicious comments online. These figures were substantially higher than other countries questioned.

The study also revealed that on a weekly basis, students, parents and guardians were posting hurtful information online about students. A further 27% received reports of unwanted electronic contact among students in their sch