Sixth Form Refurbishment

Sixth form refurbishments are something of a speciality at TaskSpace. Sixth forms are the bridge between school and working life, so it’s vital that your sixth form refurbishment results in contemporary, bright and welcoming space that is genuinely better than the local Starbucks! TaskSpace has successfully carried out sixth form refurbishment projects and common room refurbishment projects for schools all across the UK. If you’d like to discuss a potential project, even if you’re just at the ideas stage, please contact us and our sixth form design and refurbishment team will be in touch.

Sixth Form Refurbishments

Sixth form refurbishment projects need careful planning. At TaskSpace, we strike the balance between social break out spaces for young adults to chat and catch up, and individual study areas for students to work and concentrate.  Speak to one of our advisors to discuss our experience refurbishing sixth forms and common rooms around the UK.


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