Ancestry, Utah

Ancestry’s offices in Utah, USA are beautifully appointed, bright and spacious. Overlooking the Utah mountains, the eclectic style of the genealogy company’s offices reflects the diverse roots of the 9 countries they operate in. Long-serving staff members not only have their own pictures on the walls, but also those of their ancestors.

Design: Rapt Studio; Photo: Jeremy Bittermann

OVH, Quebec City

The use of cedar wood in this web hosting company’s HQ is what gives it the feeling of space and sanctuary. Private working and meeting areas flank the central cedar boardwalk which runs down the length of the main building. OVH’s agile working philosophy is woven into the DNA of the building, with every single element designed to be movable.

Design: Atelier Pierre Thibault; Photo: Maxime Brouillet

Squarespace, New York

Less ‘wacky’ tech startup and more luxury hotel, the new Squarespace offices are a refined, sophisticated take on office design. It’s easy to forget that many of the technology businesses we still think of a relatively new, are actually in their second decade, and have recognised that their team members want to be respected as serious professionals, not treated like children. Squarespace sum up this ethos perfectly with their use of leather couches, coffee tables and bookcases (there isn’t a slide or a ball pool in sight!)

Design: A+I; Photo: Squarespace

Airbnb, Dublin

Airbnb’s Dublin headquarters is situated in a converted, formerly abandoned warehouse. The huge staircase, as well as being, well, a staircase, also act as an impromptu meeting area for team members and doubles as lecture hall style seating for presentations – with a huge screen situated on the facing wall. The office is organised into 29 ‘neighbourhoods’ and the meeting rooms are modeled on real rental listings from Airbnb around the world, drawing inspiration from Portugal and Greece among others.

Design: Heneghan Peng Architects; Photo: Donal Murphy

WeWork, Shanghai

WeWork’s co-working spaces are always special, but this office space in Shanghai is particularly stunning. This former opium factory has been beautifully redesigned and combines the contemporary with the traditional seamlessly, with the original staircase still intact. Meeting areas and working zones are situated around the building’s naturally bright atrium to give a feeling of transparency and togetherness