St Helen’s School

St. Helen’s School, founded in 1899, is a prestigious independent day school in Northwood, North West London, for girls aged three to eighteen.  The school approached TaskSpace with a brief to create a contemporary sixth form area. Designing and fitting out sixth forms is something of a specialism at TaskSpace, so we were delighted to be shortlisted and selected by St Helen’s.

To create a new space for the sixth form centre, we were to reinvent part of an existing building. After surveying the site with the team at St Helen’s, the decision was taken to repurpose a large corridor area which wasn’t an optimum use of space.

As the sixth form had never had its own distinct area before, the brief was to create a space that felt decidedly separate from the rest of the school. A retreat that older pupils could treat as their own.

After the internal works had been carried out, we set to work furnishing the different zones. Upstairs was transformed into a contemporary chill out area, with its own kitchen, plus an informal study zone. We also introduced some high-back collaboration booths for small team and partnership projects.

We worked closely with St Helen’s architect during the project to ensure a seamless transformation. At TaskSpace, we can undertake entire projects, from initial design through to installation. Or, as in this case, we can provide the interior and furniture once the building work has been completed.

The project was completed on time and on budget. The school and the sixth formers are delighted with the final design – and so are we!