6th Form Refurbishment

The team at Southgate College approached TaskSpace with a vision. They had a tired, underused library space and that was earmarked to be transformed into a ground-breaking 6th form area that would not only attract students but also help bridge the gap between college and a professional working environment. TaskSpace immediately got to work, helping create a series of designs that demonstrated how such a transformation was possible.

Rather than ripping everything out and starting again, the design scheme we put forward was utilised many of the existing features already in place, including the lighting and the ceiling which were actually fine, but just required a light refurbishment. To create the impact that Southgate College was looking for, TaskSpace provided contemporary furniture, new flooring and decor – with a flexible layout that would turn the 6th form into a multifunctional space.

A large part of the brief was to help bridge the gap between college life and working life. As you can see from the images, the 6th form design actually looks and feels much more like an office space than a college. This aim being to inspire the students to act and think like young professional adults rather than teenagers.

The entire refurbishment cost under £45,000 and was completed on time and on budget. The team at Southgate College, the students and TaskSpace are overjoyed with the final transformation.