Classroom Upgrade - Year 3 Classrooms

King’s House School in Richmond asked TaskSpace to provide a design blueprint of their classrooms, a design template which could then be rolled out across the school’s 3 sites to achieve consistency and excellence across all physical learning environments, regardless of the age of the pupils or the subject being taught.

The King’s House buildings are old residential properties which have been joined together, having a number of heritage characteristics and unusual layouts. It was important to maintain the heritage whilst giving the classrooms a modern tone and facilitating new methods of teaching.

TaskSpace proposed a classroom design starting with two of the Year 3 classrooms, which focused on natural, calming colours and used intelligent Learnstor storage to minimise the clutter which had been in the rooms previously; TaskSpace also proposed a scope of work to achieve the right balance between carrying out a transformation, and not unnecessarily wasting money on luxuries.

To add interest and bring the outside in, feature windswept book trees were installed which help the pupils to appreciate nature despite being in a city environment.

The school are delighted with the finished result and are now engaging with TaskSpace further to continue the rollout of the blueprint.

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